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BIPOC youth and young people are often underrepresented in school, work, and other environments. As a result, they experience both direct and indirect harm to their mental health and well-being from racist police practices, immigration enforcement, the general "white gaze" that is salient in our society, and expectations rooted in white supremacy. BIPOC students experience stressors that can accumulate over time, adding to existing social and cultural harms based on race and ethnicity. The Village Place serves BIPOC youth and young people and we believe that they are the experts of their lives and best suited to share their needs and desires. The Youth Advisory Council is a safe-space for BIPOC youth to provide insight, perspectives, experiences, and recommendations to The Village Place to inform our efforts. Our council influence policies, programs, and initiatives that directly impact them and their peers. They ensure that the voices of young people are heard and considered in discussions that affect them.

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The Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council

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