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2024 Theatre Lab Educational Intensive

  • 8Weeks
  • 8Steps


Our Voices Theatre Lab offers opportunities for BIPOC youth to participate in plays that tell stories of the histories and experiences of BIPOC people. Congratulations on being cast in CROOKLYN, produced by The Village Place Theatre Lab Program and directed by the T.U.R.N Project! Being part of CROOKLYN, as you may know, will be a very rewarding experience, but it will also require substantial amount of time and commitment. There has already been a great deal of time, energy and creativity invested in the project that you are about to embark upon. The director, designers, and stage management team have been hard at work for weeks, if not months. We ask that you, in return, conduct business in a professional and respectful manner. The purpose of the handbook is to outline goals, policies, and procedure for THE VILLAGE PLACE and T.U.R.N. Project. Listed below are some of the company’s expectations of you during your rehearsal and performance times. If any questions or concerns arise, please see your stage manager.

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