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Often, BIPOC people, specifically youth and young people, have experiences that are shaped by anti-blackness- the general or specific contempt for blackness- resulting in BIPOC people not being seen as fully human and worthy of having their civil rights and humanity observed and protected. The Village Place hosts community events that directly address the need for our own spaces without white people present, for our own safety and healing. All safe spaces events prioritize building authentic and sustainable solidarity. 

We support community leaders offering workshops that offer space to seek, learn, share and affirm the distinct histories of BIPOC communities; and unlearn dominant narratives. Additionally, all safe spaces events honor the legacies of BIPOC people's resistance to colonization and white supremacy; and actively examine how disparities and injustices uniquely affect BIPOC communities. 

CoMmUnitY workshops

MeLAniN market

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The Village Place launched the Melanin Market in 2021 with the intention of creating a safe & non-white space for Black business owners to connect, build and share. We've hosted monthly events and created vending space for over fifty small business owners. The market provides space for Black entrepreneurs to sell goods/services and expand their networks, catalyzing economic empowerment. We're proud to have facilitated a familial bond amongst Black business owners and look forward to continuing to grow our Melanin Market family!

MoChA mAMa program

In 2021, The Village Place offered an innovative program to address the alarmingly high maternal and infant mortality rates in Arkansas. In 2021,  Black women were 243% more likely than whites or Hispanics to die from pregnancy or childbirth-related causes. Arkansas had 76.3 Black maternal deaths per 100,000 live births, as compared to 63.8 Black maternal deaths nationally. About 3 in 5 pregnancy-related deaths could be prevented by quality pre-& post-natal care, monitoring, and support .


The Mocha Mama Maternity Cohort provided a safe-space and refuge for Black girls and women, during and after pregnancy, by addressing the critical need for increased access to maternal support and resources that reduce maternal and infant mortality for Black women in Little Rock. Pregnancy and childbirth are extremely vulnerable times for girls, women, and their families- we sought to comfort and care for 

The Mocha Mama Maternity Cohort made a significant contribution to Black maternal health in Little Rock, AR. As a result of our efforts, including providing Black girls and women with ongoing Black doula support, monthly nutritious food boxes, monthly workshops, and care packages, we were able to:


  • Reduced disparities in access to quality health care,

  • Provided high-quality support systems to new & expectant Black mothers,

  • Created a community of new & expectant mothers in Pulaski County

"I absolutely loved my doula she made this experience worthwhile!"
"I’m a first-time mom and I was deeply concerned with the Arkansas mortality rates of black women during birth. Joining this cohort not only gave me access to like-looked ladies navigating black pregnancy with me but also access to knowledge and a doula that made me feel more confident and safe during the birthing process."
"Please continue to have these cohorts. They make a difference."
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