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We recognize the growing challenges for BIPOC youth to prioritize and maintain their mental well-being. The Self-Care Summer Program supports students in redefining self-care in a way that’s meaningful and accessible to them. They learn strategies to achieve wellness through nature-based, sports, literacy and artistic lenses. We encourage students to utilize things that are relevant to their cultures and bring them joy and energy to achieve healing and restoration  alongside community. 

Self-Care Summer students have the opportunity to rest and heal from trauma with support from licensed  behavioral health professionals.  

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one-on-one therapy

We partner with a community-based mental health facility to offer students and their families therapy sessions. We work with agencies comprised of predominately Black staff because we believe race is an important factor in establishing trust. Black students might be more likely to ask for help from counselors whose culture, experiences and outlook resemble their own.  


nature based activities

Through nature hikes, fishing, yoga, gardening and more, Self-Care Summer students are able to identify nature-based activities that they enjoy, learn ways to incorporate those activities into their everyday lives, and dismantle stigma around Black people's participation in nature-based activities. 


group talking circles

Talking circles create safe spaces and build connections. Students gather in a circle and create norms that will help build trust in the space. A talking piece, an object of significance chosen by Circle members, is passed around inviting equal participation. Whoever holds the talking piece is invited to speak, while all others listen to and support the speaker. 


culturally relevant art & literacy activities

Literacy and art activities are facilitated by a retired licensed public school teacher. Our curriculum includes culturally and historically responsive literature and art activities. It is important to us that students see themselves in everything they are learning and the celebration of their culture and history. 

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