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Our Team.

At The Village Place, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive community for BIPOC youth in Arkansas. Our team consists of a diverse group of professionals with varying perspectives and experiences, who have come together with a common goal in mind - to provide accessible resources and programs to our community. At The Village Place, we believe in the power of collectivism to create change, and every day, we work together to inspire, educate and act as a catalyst for the collective power of BIPOC youth to create more equitable and sustainable communities.

Billie "BJ" Woods

Executive Director

“The Village Place is sustainable because of the unwavering support of our village- and this support looks like many  things. From event volunteers, to financial donors- all of it keeps us going. We truly benefit from the collective power of our community.”

- Billie "BJ" Woods

board of directors.

youth advisory council.

The Village Place is committed to serving BIPOC youth and young people with the help of our Youth Advisory Council. This dedicated group of young people is instrumental in planning, implementing, and outreach efforts to ensure we provide services that align with the needs of BIPOC youth in our community. Their insights, perspectives and expertise are valuable resources that help us develop targeted programs and services.

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